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Sunday, December 30, 2012

"The Patriot"

The movie, "The Patriot" , is totally fantastic in every way.  And yes, I think that Mel Gibson is not only a great actor but is tremendously adept at his choice of the movie roles he takes. Sure, he had a DUI. But then no living human is perfect!

I watched this movie for the 20th time or so last night and it's amazing how much more you get out of movie each time you watch it. This time, I was focused more on the battle tactics and his evolution from sheep to sheepdog. (As an aside, Neal Boortz circulates the linked sheep to sheepdog article to all his haters.) 

So the storyline is that Mel plays a pacifist who refuses to join in with his fellow South Carolinians who want him to get involved with the Revolutionary War.   That is until the British forces come to his house and kill one of his young sons.  Enough with the pacifism as the viewer can see the dramatic change as it emotes from Mel's heart and soul.  He becomes not only a strong fighter and leader among his fellow soldiers but we see many aspects of the spirit of 1776 and the need not to wait until evil is at your own front door before acting. 

So whether you are a sheep or sheepdog, this movie deserves a second or 20th look.  And, if you have never enjoyed military history (male and female), it's definitely time for you to learn about it. 

I uncovered this fascinating and inspiring story about the turning point of the Revolutionary War at the Battle of Kings Mountain, North Carolina, when I doing my own genealogy.  I have a great great times 8 or so that was one of the 900 militia from Tennessee, North & South Carolina and Georgia that went to face the 1100 or so loyalist (locals allied with the British who fought for continued subjugation).  My grand was one of the 28 rebels who died that day.  The tactics used by the "rebels" were awesome and I saw some of the same brilliant strategy  in "The Patriot" last night.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." ~Edmund Burke

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