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Sunday, December 30, 2012

"The Patriot"

The movie, "The Patriot" , is totally fantastic in every way.  And yes, I think that Mel Gibson is not only a great actor but is tremendously adept at his choice of the movie roles he takes. Sure, he had a DUI. But then no living human is perfect!

I watched this movie for the 20th time or so last night and it's amazing how much more you get out of movie each time you watch it. This time, I was focused more on the battle tactics and his evolution from sheep to sheepdog. (As an aside, Neal Boortz circulates the linked sheep to sheepdog article to all his haters.) 

So the storyline is that Mel plays a pacifist who refuses to join in with his fellow South Carolinians who want him to get involved with the Revolutionary War.   That is until the British forces come to his house and kill one of his young sons.  Enough with the pacifism as the viewer can see the dramatic change as it emotes from Mel's heart and soul.  He becomes not only a strong fighter and leader among his fellow soldiers but we see many aspects of the spirit of 1776 and the need not to wait until evil is at your own front door before acting. 

So whether you are a sheep or sheepdog, this movie deserves a second or 20th look.  And, if you have never enjoyed military history (male and female), it's definitely time for you to learn about it. 

I uncovered this fascinating and inspiring story about the turning point of the Revolutionary War at the Battle of Kings Mountain, North Carolina, when I doing my own genealogy.  I have a great great times 8 or so that was one of the 900 militia from Tennessee, North & South Carolina and Georgia that went to face the 1100 or so loyalist (locals allied with the British who fought for continued subjugation).  My grand was one of the 28 rebels who died that day.  The tactics used by the "rebels" were awesome and I saw some of the same brilliant strategy  in "The Patriot" last night.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." ~Edmund Burke

Saturday, December 29, 2012

REVOLUTION - the TV series


    We can talk about bad Hollywood and bad TV all you want but there are actually some very astute conservative writers, actors, and directors out there.   "Revolution" wins the Nielsen ratings for its time slot but with only a 2.6 million viewership as opposed to 'The Voice' at 4.3 million, it may not last much longer without our help. Perhaps the owners of NBC didn't realize what a fabulous show this was for the 'right' side of the country but even with sliding ratings, it is scheduled to return on March 25, 2013.  If you have video on demand- watch the entire series.

      The show is a look at what the United States of America would be like if TPTB (the powers that be) pull the plug on electricity.  Suddenly, there are no cell phones, no computers, no functioning schools or hospitals, and worst of all, no law and order.  The government is taken over by bad militia  (as opposed to good militia) and we travel with a small band of rebels as they seek to overthrow the bad leaders.  

     Fiction or prediction?  


Friday, December 28, 2012

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is a fabulous movie for 18 and up.  There's a little too much gore for anyone younger.

For 74 years the transformed United States of America now known as Panem has held its annual "games" where a male and female teenagers from each of the 12 "districts" battle for the thrill of the masses resulting in death of all but one.  There are interesting survival tactics which should be filed away for later reference, alliances and fake alliances, and a ironic peak at an elite class which has access to all the finer things in life including special medicines not available normal people. The entire movie is a great study of character, good versus evil and the ill-informed.

What captured my attention the most was the parallel between the premise of this movie and the not-so-secret "Agenda 21" about which 99% of the people on this planet have no clue.  The view from the train ride for the competitors into the Capitol, was eerie as you can see the huge span of wilderness and then suddenly come upon a huge city where the sheeple have no clue about the rest of the country.  This movie is glimpse into what kind of future we could face if we let the U.N. and the present administration and its Republican counter-parts have their way with re-distribution of the wealth,  promoting class and fake-race warfare, and government control of every aspect of daily lives and corporations/business.

If you have not seen the following video, please, watch it and try to control your emotions.  Use your anger to inspire you to get to work on stopping this horrible Agenda.  Retirees, run for school boards and local elections.  Let's get the Muslim Brotherhood out of our elected offices before we become another Spain or Greece and use our voices to rise up before it's too late.  beware of anything that talks about 'sustainibility'.  It's a code word for "Agenda 21".

God Bless the U.S.A.


Friday, December 7, 2012

Braveheart & Freedom

    "Braveheart" has always been one of my favorite movies especially when Mel Gibson is talking to his warriors just before the battle.  It's a movie about man's desire to be free and is expertly done.  It is based on a true story and I am bringing it up today because I was doing some research on my own personal genealogy.  I want to give my children a book about their ancestors this Christmas. I was intrigued when I discovered I had a line descending from Scotland.
    The Anderson family name (MacAndrew) means "Stand Sure" and my relatives were Highlanders of Scotland who were trained to be warriors and hunters from birth.  They fought hard against the people who would enslave them including some who fought alongside William Wallace (the hero in "Braveheart") from the late 1200's and beyond.  I picture one of my direct ancestors being on the front line with him wearing the blue face paint.  Wallace's capture and horrible death only served to inspire more of the Scots to continue to fight for their freedom.

     I am a direct descendant of William Anderson (b. 1693) who fought in the Scottish Insurrection of 1715.  The government put a price on his head and he was smuggled (by the British) out of Scotland in a trunk to Virginia where he ended up being a large landowner along the Potomac where he fought in the French and Indian War (a colonel) and eventually met a young surveyor named George Washington. He was in his 80's during the Revolutionary War so he didn't go to battle but he offered his full support as a patriot including using his home as a stop for all soldiers. His son, Captain Thomas Anderson, was with General Washington at the surrender of Cornwallis.

   So now you understand why I am so ticked off at this administration and those that voted for our Marxist dictator.  It's in my blood.   What can you do to help?  Sign petitions, get on social media and fight the leftists by calmly informing the uninformed about Benghazi, about Agenda 21, about Obama's real plans for America.  Screaming is what "they" do.  You catch more flies with honey.  But prepare yourself in case "they" choose to continue to stamp upon our freedoms!   Then we can all scream "FREEDOM" together. You can help on Benghazi here.  

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

ABC's "Nashville" is good TV

     I have to admit that I am an avid country music fan, but even if you are not, ABC's "Nashville" is a great light drama worth a look.  Tonight's show had Hayden P. singing in a church, a choice to make by a singer whose been offered a chance to go solo or choose his loyal longtime band-members, a handsome young man who is holding off on sex until marriage and lots more subplots.  Oh yeah, and great music every week.  The women are still showing too much cleavage most of the time but at a 10 p.m. EST time slot, all the kids should be in bed.

    This photo by ABC's Jon Lemay depicts a cool behind-the-scenes/insider look at the inner workings of the record industry from the country music headquarters of the world.  In this scene, the aging superstar is negotiating with the young upstart who was an instant superstar herself. 

    Yes, this is from the same network that had the "GCB" show (Good Christian B*tches for those of you that do not speak initials) that poked fun at pretty much every aspect of the Christian religion in a demeaning and sarcastic manner.  I think that show only lasted 4 or 5 episodes and I am surprised it had any viewers left after the second viewing.    Even with my "Mad Magazine" sense of humor, and reminding myself that God has a sense of humor, it was a pathetic pandering to the secular crowd.  While ABC is still way off the mark on its political reporting and no where near unbiased in its "news",  the network has definitely gone up in my book with "Nashville" and "Scandal".  

    But in our break from the reality of daily life and the world, let's make Benghazi is never forgotten !!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Can Voting Machines Be Rigged?

     For those of you that missed "Scandal" on Monday nights on ABC, you missed a really great show.  Not only was a super surprise at the end but the show addressed an issue the leftists want you to ignore.  Voting machines are not 100% infallible to tampering and the show shows how in detail.  You can go to and stream it if you missed it.  Some say this might be fiction but I say nope!

      Was the 2012 Presidential Election full of widespread voter fraud?  I suspect so but it is up to the voters in each state to get their attorney generals to investigate these serious allegations.  My question is, why can't the states and counties use the facial recognition software that exists on Facebook to make sure each voter only gets one vote?  I shut my Facebook down because I do not like photos of me taken by someone else popping up with my name.  Screw it!

     Warning, the following video explaining Obamacare in one sentence is spew-worthy meaning do not drink coffee or pop while watching if you don't want it spewed on your computer screen.

   Ta ta!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Under Construction.  but in the meantime- .

 I do not watch sitcoms or most reality shows so if you want to discuss your favorite movie, tv show or video, please leave a comment.  Undercover Boss is actually a good show if you think your boss is evil.

People have good and evil in them and some people have more good in them than others. We also should be striving for perfection and peace instead of contemplating harm to others.  If you are conflicted and lost, look to your heart for the answer.

 1. Choose your words carefully;  i.e:   NEED v. WANT

Unless it is food/H20, clothing or shelter you do not really need it,  you want it. 

You do not need the latest fashion even though you may want it.

You do need a sweat shirt if it is cold outside and you need less clothing if it is is warm outside.

You do not need the latest fashion even though you may want it.

                                                                                  ta ta