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Friday, December 28, 2012

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is a fabulous movie for 18 and up.  There's a little too much gore for anyone younger.

For 74 years the transformed United States of America now known as Panem has held its annual "games" where a male and female teenagers from each of the 12 "districts" battle for the thrill of the masses resulting in death of all but one.  There are interesting survival tactics which should be filed away for later reference, alliances and fake alliances, and a ironic peak at an elite class which has access to all the finer things in life including special medicines not available normal people. The entire movie is a great study of character, good versus evil and the ill-informed.

What captured my attention the most was the parallel between the premise of this movie and the not-so-secret "Agenda 21" about which 99% of the people on this planet have no clue.  The view from the train ride for the competitors into the Capitol, was eerie as you can see the huge span of wilderness and then suddenly come upon a huge city where the sheeple have no clue about the rest of the country.  This movie is glimpse into what kind of future we could face if we let the U.N. and the present administration and its Republican counter-parts have their way with re-distribution of the wealth,  promoting class and fake-race warfare, and government control of every aspect of daily lives and corporations/business.

If you have not seen the following video, please, watch it and try to control your emotions.  Use your anger to inspire you to get to work on stopping this horrible Agenda.  Retirees, run for school boards and local elections.  Let's get the Muslim Brotherhood out of our elected offices before we become another Spain or Greece and use our voices to rise up before it's too late.  beware of anything that talks about 'sustainibility'.  It's a code word for "Agenda 21".

God Bless the U.S.A.


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