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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Can Voting Machines Be Rigged?

     For those of you that missed "Scandal" on Monday nights on ABC, you missed a really great show.  Not only was a super surprise at the end but the show addressed an issue the leftists want you to ignore.  Voting machines are not 100% infallible to tampering and the show shows how in detail.  You can go to and stream it if you missed it.  Some say this might be fiction but I say nope!

      Was the 2012 Presidential Election full of widespread voter fraud?  I suspect so but it is up to the voters in each state to get their attorney generals to investigate these serious allegations.  My question is, why can't the states and counties use the facial recognition software that exists on Facebook to make sure each voter only gets one vote?  I shut my Facebook down because I do not like photos of me taken by someone else popping up with my name.  Screw it!

     Warning, the following video explaining Obamacare in one sentence is spew-worthy meaning do not drink coffee or pop while watching if you don't want it spewed on your computer screen.

   Ta ta!

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